Full Content List:

The Thriving Teen Trainer's Toolbox

Full Content List:

The Thriving Teen Trainer's Toolbox

Client Coaching Videos x 110

High definition, unbranded coaching videos filmed using professional camera equipment. You can customise each video with your own audio voiceover and branding if you'd like to. See below to watch some example videos.

Adolescent Chewing
Appropriate Play
Arc by Approaching Distraction
Arriving at an off Lead Park
Around to Position
Arousal Up and Down
Back Away Recall
Being an Epic Pet Parent
Body Awareness Cavalettis
Bonding Through Hand feeding
Breaking Up Play
Building Door Manners
Building New Behaviour
Building Relationship with Tricks
Capturing Sit
Car Trips and Safe Travel
Changing Direction for Focus
Check in from a distance
Check-ins on Cue
Check in on the Move
Collar and Harness Grabs
Counter Surfing
Counting Game Recall
Crazy 8s Trick
Creating a trick routine
Creative Canine Cuisine
Default Hand Position
Discover Your Dogs Outlets
Distraction Duration and Distance
Ditch the Bowl
Escape by Crossing the Street
Escape turn to front
Escape Using a Treat Magnet
Escape U Turn
Fading Out Management
Figure 8 Walking
Finding Your Dogs Motivation
Flirt Pole Fun
Go to a Spot
Go to Your Bed
Hand Target Recall
Hide and Seek
How Dogs Learn
Importance of Routine
Importance of Scent
Inappropriate Play
Introducing a Ramp
Introduction to Leave
Introduction to Luring
Introduction to People
Introduction to Shaping
Introduction to Targeting
Its Picnic Time
Jumping Up prevention (When You Come Home)
Knock It
Learning to Catch
Learning to Drop
Learning to Walk Backwards
Leave Task Switching
Look at That
Lowering Arousal
Manners Around People
Marker Timing
Marker Training
Mastering Calm Walking
Nose Targeting
Obstacle Courses
Ping Pong Recall
Positive Sound Exposure
Practice Turns on a Walk
Recall to Middle
Recall to Sit
Regaining Your Dog's Attention
Return to side
Reward Placement
Scavenger Hunt Scentwork
Settle as you Workout
Settle in Public
Slow Feed From Above
Sniffari Adventures
Sniff and Go
Spin and Twist
Stair Etiquette in the Home 
Stop Start Game
Take a Bow
Teaching an Autostop
Teaching a Paw Target
Teaching a Positive Interrupter
Teaching a Release Cue
Teaching a Settle
Teaching a Walking Position
Teaching Down
Teach Your Dog to Recycle
The Art of Treat Delivery
The Bucket Game
Through the Legs
Touch Sensitivity
Treasure Bag Adventure
Tug to Fetch  
Understanding Dog Toys
Understanding Trigger Stacking
Urban Agility
Walk and Catch
Walking Pace Changes
Water Exposure and Safety
What is Adolescence?
What is Management?  
Wheres My Face?  
Wrap Around

Client Coaching Handouts x 110

Fully customisable handout templates to accompany each of the coaching videos. Easily add your own branding, logo, modify the colour scheme or change the images as you choose. 

Client Tracker and Additional Resources

Fully customisable workbook templates to support your clients. Easily add your own branding, logo, modify the colour scheme or change the images as you choose. 

Success Pathway Progress

Tracker Workbook

Doggy Diary Booklet

Behaviour Modification Worksheets

Skill Category Lookup Chart

Program Design Brochure

Game Boards

Fully customisable game boards ato use with your clients to boost motivation and enhance results. Easily add your own branding, logo, modify the colour scheme or change the images as you choose. 

The Settle Challenge

My Christmas Story - Festive Tricks Challenge

Canine Advent Calendar

The Tea Party Challenge

Look at That Bingo

On the Road Training Challenge


Fully customisable presentations to support your clients and use in lead generation. Easily add your own branding, logo, modify the colour scheme or change the images as you choose. 

Session 1 - Understand

Session 2 - Setting up for Success

Session 3 - Building Your Relationship

Session 4 - Building Confidence

Session 5 - Building Focus

Session 6 - Building Calmness

Session 7 - Core Skills

Session 8 - Modifying Behaviour

Session 9 - Advance Your Skills

Session 10 - Ready for the Real World

Lead Gen Presentation - Enrichment 5 Day Challenge

Lead Gen Presentation - Loose Lead Walking Masterclass

Example Client Coaching Videos