Welcome to HeartDog,

We help forward thinking canine professionals

make a differenceuplevel their educationenhance wellbeing for allcreate a business they love stand out from the crowdrealise their potential

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Welcome to HeartDog

We help forward thinking canine professionals make a difference

A Wellbeing Centred Approach

At HeartDog we believe that living and working with dogs is about more than simply training them to fit into our lives. We take a stand for enhancing wellbeing of both dogs and their people in all areas of life. From physical and mental health, to social and emotional wellness, there are many facets to understanding dogs and people. It's essential that we look at the whole picture if we are to support relationships between dogs and their people most effectively and build fulfilling, life long connections built on a foundation of trust and understanding.

This is why we take a wellbeing centred approach to working with guardians and professionals alike. Gone are the days where we focus solely on task or outcome - for us the importance very much lies in the quality of the journey and depth of understanding we create with other beings (both human and canine) that we share our lives with. 

We work directly with both canine professionals and dog guardians looking to develop their approach to living and working with dogs. A shift is happening in the dog training world and it's exciting!

Our services include:

Certified Canine Professionals
Certified Canine Professionals

Both Ends of the Lead

At HeartDog we are not only about dogs. We also care passionately about the wellbeing of humans!

We know that living with a dog can be challenging and even stressful. Dog guardians are often at the end of their tether when they reach out to us. 

As professionals, we have to support both ends of the lead if we want our clients to create the harmonious and joyful relationship with their dogs that we know is possible. 

So our approach considers the needs of both ends of the lead. We offer solutions that help both dog and guardian to release tension, regulate their emotions and build resilience. Our approach is kind to all.

We also know that canine professionals regularly experience burnout and overwhelm. So we are committed to supporting you in your own self care to ensure that you are able to stay physically and emotionally healthy as you work with dogs and their people. 

A bit about us...

We are Michelle Dart & Janet Finlay and together we founded HeartDog to help shift the dog industry in the direction of wellbeing focused education.

We have both had successful careers in the dog world in the UK and internationally working with guardians, and more recently, dog professionals from all over the world. But we wanted to create a lasting legacy. Something that will make a difference to many and create connection in an industry that can feel isolating all too often.

Our lives were completely transformed through our experiences of sharing life with our own heart dogs - Logan and Mirri - who literally made us who we are today. From our personal home life, to our careers and passion for creating a voice for our canine companions, we owe everything to them. 

Find out more about our journey by heading to our about page.

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What We Offer



Our unique membership for forward thinking professionals focuses on canine education, human coaching and professional skills, centred around wellbeing for all. It will give you an action plan for your canine business that is truly you and celebrates the awesome individual that you are whilst enabling you to up-level your knowledge and practical expertise to support you in becoming the professional you've always wanted to be.





Our toolboxes are packed full of high quality resources designed to help you give your students the best possible learning experience when working with you. From high definition videos, to handouts, class plans and ebooks we have everything covered. Whether you work in person, online, through group sessions or individually these resources are everything you need to up-level the support your clients receive and ensure they get the most out of your time together. The content aligns with our ethos of wellbeing for all and includes only the most up to date methodologies and kind, effective advice.




Whether you are a highly experienced professional or just starting out in the dog industry, we are sure you'll find a course that's perfect for you. Each program focuses on a speciality in detail so that you can deeply understand the content and feel supported in implementing it. As with everything we do, wellbeing for dogs and their people is at the heart of each program


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What Our Clients Say


The blog your dog wants you to read...

Epic content that is a must for dog pros and enthusiasts alike. Dive in for our musings and top tips relating to canine wellbeing, ethical training, human coaching and more! 


The blog your dog wants you to read...

Epic content that is a must for dog pros and enthusiasts alike. Dive in for our musings and top tips relating to canine wellbeing, ethical training, human coaching and more!