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Welcome, we're so glad you found us!

As canine professionals we know how difficult it can be to find a space that feels safe, where you can develop your knowledge and expertise, connect with like-minded individuals and explore your own unique contribution without fear of judgement or criticism.

In an unregulated industry it is hard enough finding somewhere you align with ethically, but add to that the conflict that too often arises even between professionals with the same ethos and we can find ourselves feeling isolated from those around us, longing for community.

You care deeply about dogs and their people and know that the secret to making a difference lies in looking at the whole picture and creating a relationship between dog and human built on trust, empathy and understanding.

You’re always looking for new ways you can level up your understanding and bring the most up to date practices into your  work but it can sometimes feel hard to keep up.

Not only can it be a challenge to digest all the information, but it can also be difficult to know how to integrate it into your own practice and then how to convey these shifts to your clients in a way that creates motivation and enthusiasm. So often it feels hard to do things differently because of the expectations of what dog trainers 'should' be doing. 

This is why we created the Connect Pro Mentorship.

Connect is a place for you to feel at home. A space to learn the latest wellbeing-focused practices from industry experts, to enhance your client coaching skills, to unhook yourself from what is holding you back and to get effective solutions to all your business and technical needs.

Connect is everything you need to create a business that lights you up and makes a real difference for dogs and their people. Find out more about it below. 

Love Michelle and Janet xx

The Three Key Pillars of Connect

Canine Expertise

Enhance your theoretical understanding and practical skills so you can work with dogs within a framework of wellbeing for each individual.

Human Coaching

Better understand your clients (and yourself!) at a fundamental level and learn to tailor your coaching for each individual to create a meaningful difference.

Professional Skills

Discover exactly how to build a business that aligns with your values, is tailored to your strengths and passions and brings you joy and fulfilment.

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You + Connect = everything you need...


Get all the knowledge, practical skill, confidence and support to become the canine professional you've always wanted to be. 


Connect with other heart-centred professionals as you enhance your skills and discover how to develop your passion of working with dogs and their families into a successful business that brings you meaning, joy and fulfilment. 


Our unique approach is focused on wellbeing for all - including you as a professional. Learn how to build a business that is aligned with who you are so you can take as good care of you as you do of your clients and their dogs.

Connect is perfect for you if:

  • You are committed to wellbeing and choice for¬†your clients and their dogs so that you can support them to live in harmony together.¬†

  • You are always striving to learn more and hone your practical skills¬†so that you can¬†become the best professional you can be.

  • You¬†are curious and¬†enjoy exploring new ideas that align with your values so that you can implement¬†these in your life and business.¬†
  • You care deeply about dogs and people and want to make a real, practical difference that changes their lives in a significant way.
  • You¬†get frustrated¬†if clients don't follow through¬†when you can see what is possible for them¬†and are ready to master new skills and knowledge to help them make progress.
  • You¬†often put yourself last and feel like your own wellbeing is an afterthought and you are ready¬†to¬†find real balance and satisfaction in your life.
  • You feel burnt out and tired of juggling everything as you try to build¬†a successful business and you are¬†ready to get off the hamster wheel and create a business that lights you up.
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With Connect you get: 

 #1 - Monthly support on canine needs, human coaching, business success and technical wizardry. 

#2 - LIVE Masterclasses with Janet, Michelle and guests each month including groundbreaking work from industry experts.

#3 - Practical coaching sessions each month to address your business and tech needs and keep you from getting in your own way!

 #4 - Reusable unbranded resources and video courses designed to share with your clients that will enable you to use the learning directly in your business.

#5 - Our Pro Vault of past Masterclasses and coaching sessions -  available to watch for as long as you are a member.

#6 - Unlimited support in the Connect Community alongside other like-minded professionals.

#7 - A badge that you can display on your website to celebrate your achievement when you complete a year of learning.

#8 - Special member discounts on our other courses and products.


Everything taken care of!

What's the result? 

Our unique combination of canine education, human coaching and business skills, centred around wellbeing for all, will give you an action plan for your canine business that is truly you and celebrates the awesome individual that you are.

The Result? 

Our unique combination of canine education, human coaching and business skills, centred around wellbeing for all, will give you an action plan for your canine business that is truly you and celebrates the awesome individual that you are.

What's inside Connect?


Each month we will have a Deep Dive into a topic relating to meeting our dogs' needs, including with Guest Experts, we will have a Coaching Session to address the things that stop our clients - and ourselves! - making progress and we will have a Business Session where you get guided support on your own business.

Plus you will have an informal Drop In session where you can ask any questions or simply hang out and chat with colleagues.

AND you get awesome Unbranded Resources that you can use with your own clients - including short unbranded Video Courses that you can enrol them in.  


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Here's What Others Are Saying...

Jo Burton

I am really throwing choice into all my consultations now with amazing results. I had first consultation with 10 week old puppy yesterday and practiced contra free loading …. It was brilliant and the pet parent was blown away, she could not stop praising me. Got to love that. ūüźĺūüíē

Lesley Thompson

We decided to increase our visibility to grow our online community and develop our online programmes, while continuing to provide accessible training within our local community. We have greater clarity and focus in our business, this will enable us to create space and time to spend quality time with our dogs and family. 
What an amazing supportive place to be this is, thank you! ūüėäūüėä
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Join the ultimate mentorship for forward-thinking canine professionals!

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£69 per month


  • Full membership of Connect
  • Access to all lives and resources
  • Membership of Connect Community
  • Pro Vault containing past Masterclasses and coaching sessions
  • Monthly magic at the touch of a button
  • BONUS! EpicBusiness 101¬†by Christina Cass, taking you through all the secrets to business success that Christina has honed for many years as she has helped so many canine professionals. VALUE ¬£1000

  • BONUS!¬†Wellbeing Bundle for dogs and people, including TTouch & ACE Intro¬†Courses and¬†You are Your Best Asset¬†masterclass.¬†VALUE ¬£349¬†
  • BONUS!¬†1-to-1 coaching session with Michelle & Janet (bookable after month 6) VALUE ¬£500





Who are we again?

We are Michelle Dart and Janet Finlay, Founders of HeartDog

We are committed to fear- and force-free training but we believe that we need to go even further and prioritise the emotional, physical, mental and social wellbeing of dogs, their people and the canine professionals who support them. Our mission is to bring this message - and its practical application - to as many canine professionals as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions